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    From your list -

    I love:
    Lucy Primrose
    Alice Juliet
    (I love these two as sisters. The combination makes me want to swoon!)

    I like:
    Madeline Sofia (what mischa said)
    Rose Charlotte (I love these two names, but in this order, I don't think that they have the greatest flow)
    Lillian Clara (I also think it sounds good as Clara Lillian)
    Ada Violet (I like Violet a lot, but I'm not so sure I like Ada)

    I'm not a fan of:
    Annabella Claire (I prefer Annabel to Annabella and Annabelle)
    Ivy Elena (too much EE sound for me)
    Victoria Iris (I LOVE Iris, but I don't really like Victoria)

    I'd suggest:
    Amelia Faye
    Rose Lillian
    Clara Lillian
    Charlotte Madeline (this may be too many syllables for some last names, though)
    Violet Claire
    Amelia Primrose
    Ivy Charlotte
    Clara Madeline
    Elena Violet
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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