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    Two gorgeous names! Personally, I would go with Eliza. It is a bit more uncommon. Because it is beautiful, there are tons of Elizabeths. Not so many Elizas.

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    Definitely Elizabeth, just like Austen's Bennet. Eliza by itself does not have the same level of class.

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    We just named our baby girl Eliza Rose. My hubby's grandmothers were Elizabeth and Rose and my great-grandmother and great aunt were Elizabeths. So we liked that it's a family name. However, for Elizabeth I LOVE the nn Betsy and DH hates it- wanted Lizzy which I hate. Decided to not argue about it and go with Eliza. Still has family ties but is a little different and not quite as common (although getting to be). And personally I love the connection to Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady- my first choice name was Audrey (as in Hepburn) but DH's brother had a baby girl named Aubrie about 5 weeks before our girl arrived... Anyway, I'm partial to Eliza!

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    Both names are wonderful. It's kind of tough to choose, but I'd go with Elizabeth.
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