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    I would go with Elizabeth nickname Eliza. That way you get both the classic feel of Elizabeth and the more modern spunk of Eliza. Plus, it gives your daughter more options in the future for what name she wants to go by (Speaking as someone with a longer, classic full name and a shorter, less formal nickname, I've always been glad to have the option to go by either).

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    Elizabeth is a beautiful classic, but Eliza has so much modern spunk!

    I think Eliza stands beautifully on its own, and I would pick Eliza over Elizabeth (especially if I intended to call Elizabeth "Eliza" anyway).

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    I would choose Eliza myself.

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    Since Elizabeth is the family name in your case I vote for that one. I think you can't go wrong either way though (and Eliza is 100% usable on its own IMO, although as has been said the nickname route gives you both the classic Elizabeth and the more spunky Eliza).

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    I like Elizabeth nn Eliza. But then I don't really like Eliza. And I like that Elizabeth is more traditional and has so many nn possibilities. She may start out with Eliza, but can choose from many other nn's should she not like Eliza later.

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