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    Elizabeth or Eliza?

    Elizabeth is my great grandmother's middle name. My grandmother always said that she wished she would have named one of her daughters Elizabeth and called her Beth which really made me fall in love with it even more. The nickname Beth isn't really my style but it is growing on me. I would probably use the nickname Eliza.

    Eliza would still be a great way to honour my great grandmother and her name would be the one I intend to call her if I used Elizabeth.

    Which do you prefer? Elizabeth with the nickname Eliza or just Eliza?

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    I prefer just Eliza.

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    I prefer just Eliza. Its a lot more spunky than the very classic Elizabeth.
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    I like just Eliza.
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    I am also a big fan of Eliza... In fact, my second daughter is Eliza Morgan! She didn't seem like an Elizabeth. Also, my mom always loved the name Elizabeth, wanted to name me Sarah Elizabeth and call me Beth, but instead we had not one but two dogs over the years named Beth when I was a kid... I guess I left the part that felt over-used to me behind. My Eliza is spunky and gorgeous and funny, and I have no regrets on going straight to Eliza over Elizabeth.

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