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    I'm one who will almost always go for the longer version, because I seem to nickname everything by default. Like William for instance. If liam is my 'goal' i better choose William as a full name, because if Liam is the official name, he'll become a 'Lee' in my house! Funny how i am that way. I'm the same for Ellie. I better pick a longer name with that as a possible nickname, because Ellie on its own would be automatically nicknamed Elle!
    So I personally would choose Elizabeth, but I do think Eliza is fine/nice enough to stand on its own (i don't feel that way with many shorter names, so that means a lot in my mind, lol).

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    I agree with Pansy 100%. There are so many options with the full Elizabeth and you get to call her Eliza either way!
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    I prefer the name Elizabeth with the nickname Eliza. That way you have a nice traditional name, with a more modern version for a nickname. A great combination!

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    I prefer Elizabeth - so many more options. But if you are sure you will call her Eliza anyway, and if you don't want her to end up with another nickname, then I would go with Eliza. Eliza sounds like a complete name to me, not too nicknamey.

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    I would go with Eliza, since you want to shorten Elizabeth to Eliza anyway. Eliza feels like a full name to me, not just a nickname.
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