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    Dealing With Mothers

    My mom has these lovely rules for me about naming my child. And they're all fairly normal rules. It just frustrates me that my mom is saying I expect a name you to pick to fit all of these.
    1. No alliteration.
    2. No rhyming names or names that have the same ending.
    3. Cannot be a noun/adjective to due surname being an occupation.
    4. Must be a current trend. However she has no idea what those trends are.
    5. Apple is horrible but Lemon is okay. On a more common example James if fine and a Henry will be ridiculed forever.

    So berries, what rules or suggestions to you get from your parents/in-laws regarding names? How do you deal with it?

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    Wow! That's quite a list.

    I honestly don't discuss names with my family, they'll learn the name when they meet their grandson or granddaughter! I don't mean it to be harsh, but my mother got to apply any of her personal name rules when she named me, this one is up to me and DH.

    Do you think when the time comes she will hold to the rules or let them go out the window w/ excitement over a new grandchild? Just wondering because I could probably introduce my mother to little Dorcus Lampshade and she'd be over the moon to be a grandmom.

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    I don't get rules, per se, but individual names get criticism. According to my mother-in-law, a son named Lane will be called "Lame" all his life, and my mother cannot fathom the idea of having to tell people that she has a granddaughter named Pepper. Is it bad that I am more willing to take my mom's opinions into consideration than I am my mother-in-law's? Pepper is basically off the table for us now, but Lane is still in our top two boys' names, only fueled by my mother-in-law's campaign against it.

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    I have always said, this is my baby and so I (and DH of course) and the one who gets to choose the name. Mother in law chose David, Brian and Andrew for her children, my own mother Jennifer, Karen and Michael so if you look at my siggy, we all have different styles.

    Which leads me to my next point of not discussing names with her. Trust me, we got a ton of flack when announcing Seb's name while pregnant so we never ever did it far no rude things have been said when we introduced each child. If they disliked the names, that info was kept inside their own heads. It's a lot harder to talk about what a horrible name Bronwen is when she is looking you in the face with her sweet baby eyes watching your every move.

    All this to say, do *not* discuss names with people who have their own agendas and come on here and talk to us instead. Irl I have several friends who decided to not use favorite names because of grandparent etc backlash and that really makes me upset. If my mom had her way, Seb would be Jacob Andrew.
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    I don't ask my mum for opinions on our baby names (although she does offer them.) Our first daughter is Matilda, which she loves. If Matilda were a boy she would have been Jasper, which at the time my mum hated. Now we are due our second child in three weeks and if it is a boy he will still be Jasper, and family will just have to deal with it! I haven't broken the news yet that if it's a girl she will be called Juno, reckon that will be up for some criticism!

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