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    Linnea! Like the little girl from the book about Monet?

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    Saskatchewan, Canada
    My very first name I liked was Lola, I had many stuffed animals named Lola.
    First name I considered using for a daughter was Amber, I think I was 11.
    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


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    I believe that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

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    When I was really young I wished my name was Jennifer, with the nickname Jenny (I wanted a more common name, now I'm glad I don't share my name with a lot of other people!)
    When I was in 4th grade I got this book: thus starting my interest in names. My favorite name at that time was Bridget, until I learned that all my friends hated it.
    Favorite names at the moment:
    Simone Sage
    Andre Larion

    Other names I like: Veronica Vivian Lydia Octavia Bianca Flora Zulima Augustine Elsa Avalon Zamora Carmina

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    I first remember having favorite names at about 8 years old. For a girl it was Zoey and for boy either Jacob or Ryle, which is how I thought Riley was spelled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlemeg View Post
    The first name that i adored was Calandra. I first saw the name in a children's book when I was about 8 too. I forget the name of the book, but I remember the the mom in the book had many children. She chose the name of the children by the birth number and location in a baby name book. Ie the first born boy was named from the first male "a" name in the baby name book. Calandra was the third "c" name for the girls... I thought that was kind of fun.

    I know what book you mean. It was called Ten Kids, No pets...the kids were named Abigail, Bainbridge, Calandra, Dagwood, Eberhard, Faustine, Gardenia, Hannah, Ira, Janthina, and Keegan. Lol I had a doll named Calandra May after the girl in the book as a kid
    Adriana Josephine,Alessandra Mary,Leah Susannah Claire,Mariana Abigail,Marisol Demetria,Caroline Michaela,Angelina Josephine,Susannah Loretta Fay,Leah Katarina,Eliza Cristina Joyce,Antonia Faith,Diana Jade,Audrina Rosemary,Sarah Guinevere,Catherine Ariadne, Jade Olivia *Nathaniel Malachi, Wesley Joseph,Gavin Daniel,Daniel Nico,Lewis Malcolm,Jared Levi,Jesse Levi,Connor Sebastian,Callum Wade,Keegan Jude,Quentin Dominic,Adam Elias,Calder Avery,Riley Shea,Adrian Daniel,Avery Shea,Joseph Dominic

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