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    Dec 2012
    My first favorite name was Melissa. I thought it was so beautiful. I thought the nn Missy was so cute too!

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    May 2012
    Jamie (girl). Got a doll at the age of four or five that came with the name Jamie. I thought it sounded like wind chimes. Never played with the doll though, because she wasn't a Cabbage Patch, but always loved her brown and orange calico dress, and her wind chimey name.

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    Eleanor was the first name I ever liked. I thought it was very sophisticated.

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    Darinka. Pronouced Dar-ink-ah. It was my friends grandmothers name. I was in the 3rd grade and I absolutely loved it. I still like it a lot almost 2 decades later

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    Oct 2012
    New Zealand
    Cassandra or Rebecca, I can't remember which was first but I loved both when I was about 8.
    I still like (not really love) Rebecca

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