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    what was the first name you ever loved?

    Anna Diamond Vanessa Sarah

    i was about 8 and my best friend's mom was pregnant. we were reading through one of her baby name books and i liked the combination because, according to that book, it meant "gracious, beautiful butterfly princess".

    i was 8, what do you expect? :P
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    Nathan was the first name I serously ever loved from the age of about 11 years old, the other one was Elliott. For some reason I only liked having boy dolls and these were their names.
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    Mine was Katie. I remember really really wishing my name was Katie.

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    This is the first name I can remember liking. My aunt said her daughter had 4 in her class. I still like it but my current favourite is Eleanor.
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    There have been quite a few names through the years that I have thought I 'loved' but then started to hate after hearing them many times. For example, Nora, Elizabeth and Oliver. The one name combo that I have seriously loved ever since I was about 10-ish was Eliska Seraphine and Im so glad to have been able to use that for my daughter. I am still utterly in love with it now which is such a bonus, haha!
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