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Thread: MN for Phoebe

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    MN for Phoebe

    I need an MN for Phoebe. I thought I had my winner with Phoebe Eleanor but several members pointed out to me that Phoebe and Eleanor have the same meanings so I had to give that one up. My current front runners are Phoebe Tallullah but I am not 100% sold, I fear it sounds a little too childish for an adult and Phoebe Appolonia, while I love the saint connection here I am afraid it is a little too much. So give me your best suggestions

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    I think Phoebe Eleanor is beautiful. So long as it doesn't bother you, there's nothing wrong with both names having the same meaning. Besides, outside of nameberry very, very few people will even realise.
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    Phoebe is currently my #1

    Phoebe Jane
    Phoebe Skye
    Phoebe Joy (Shining Joy)
    Phoebe Evangeline
    Phoebe Violet
    Phoebe Kiara
    Phoebe Eliza
    Phoebe Annabel (Shining and lovable!)
    Phoebe Arabella
    Phoebe Kate (shining pure)
    Phoebe Elena (prefer this to Eleanor)

    Anyway, they are my favourites.
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