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    Just starting out

    Hi all,

    I just stumbled across this website and I already love it! I'm pregnant with our second child but we have decided to keep the gender a surprise. We have a daughter named Olivia, she is three. Can we get your opinions on our name lists? Like I said, we're just starting out so the list might be a bit extensive

    Girls list-

    Boys list-
    We are open to any and all suggestions.
    Thank you so much for your opinions and advice,
    Annie and John.
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    Your list really isn't that extensive for a Berry list. It seems to me that you like fairly popular yet not trendy names. but your inclusion of Callum and Asher suggests you might be willing to look at some things outside of what could be a comfort zone.

    Violet - I love Violet and think it's a really nice pairing with Olivia. Both are nature related but they aren't too connected for it to be too obvious. I really like sib-sets that have a link of sorts so I think this is great. Also they are fairly similar in popularity level and that can be a plus.

    Emma - I like that both Olivia and Emma are used in famous English Literature (12th Night and Emma) which is a really subtle but fun connection especially if you and your husband are avid readers -> or you hope your girls will be. Again both are similar in popularity.

    Elise - I love Elise, it feels a bit short next to the 4 syllable Olivia. How about Elisa or Alisa? The extra -a almost ads a syllable and Elise and Olivia sound nice together.

    Chloe, Natalie and Kate are nms.

    Boys list-
    Jonah - I love this name. I feel like it's underused. I don't think I've ever meet a Jonah (though plenty of Jones', John, ect.) It also goes nicely with Olivia which I like. I also think that while it isn't quite as popular as Olivia it is definitely a well known name and easily recognizable. I also like that both names have o's and a's.

    Asher - I like Asher as a name but I don't think it's as nice with Olivia. If you don't care about sib-set flow (and some don't) I think this is a really great option.

    Noah - Olivia and Noah are great together. I like that both names have o's and a's.

    Callum and Seth are nms.

    Other names to consider my include: Henry, Abel, Zachary, Ian, Viola, Iris, and Phoebe.
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    Girls list-
    Violet: Love the dainty and sophisticated feel
    Chloe: A little popular and predictable for my taste
    Natalie: I love, love, love the may this sounds
    Emma: Quite nice but nms
    Kate: Lovely, short and sweet
    Elise: nms
    Faves: Natalie and Violet

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    Violet- Beautiful, fragrant, and a bit sassy. This is a good one.
    Chloe- My cat is Chloe, and I sometimes regret giving her such a popular name. But it's cheerful and elegant.
    Natalie- I much prefer Nathalie. I like this name, though it feels somehow.. vulnerable to me.
    Emma- Well, obviously I'm biased. Love being an Emma. A strong, comfortable name to have, with a ladylike quality that's fun to push against. I have a longer, more graceful Em name that I use once in a while, but Emma (my nick) is the main name. I like having two options, especially since Emma has gotten so popular.
    Kate- Classic. You can't go wrong with Kate. I might want to use a somewhat frilly middle name to offset Kate's simplicity.
    Elise- This seems like a filler middle name to me. I find it kind of cold and stark.

    Jonah- Biblical, rugged, very much a "dude" name. Not my favorite, but I see the appeal. I like Joshua, which is admittedly overused and a bit dated.
    Callum- There are other Celtic names I prefer. This one sounds a bit like "Golem" to me. Similar sounds: Cael, Caedmon, Calvin, Calloway.
    Seth- I know a lovely person by this name, so I like Seth. I think the name has a peaceful, good-natured sound, like Ben or Ernest.
    Asher- A bit of a trendy yuppie name, IMO. I know it's Biblical, but it's one of those names... like Bowen. I prefer Archer, which allows for the nn Arch or Archie. Or Abram.
    Noah- Gentle, simple, grounded. I think it wants an interesting middle name to take it up a notch, but it's handsome.
    Luke- Falls into the same category as Noah for me. Lovely meaning. I like Lucas too. And the nn Lucky is pretty fun.

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    Olivia & Violet is a standout for me. Emma would be my next choice.

    Luke and Noah are my favorites on your boys list.

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