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    Reactions to Name--It's really not that unusual!

    I had a
    I noticed today that the X was mentioned as mainstream in the Nameberry article on unusual nature names. That certainly doesn't seem true here !

    Do any of you get similar reactions to your child's not-that-unusual name?
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    My name and those of my kids are common in certain contexts and very unusual in others, so i've gotten the full range of reactions! people tend to be befuddled in a positive way though - like, they've never heard it before and think its super-exotic, as opposed to finding it ugly or just weird.

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    I think it depends on where you live but in general "weird" names are less weird than when we were younger.

    Maybe people have a strange reaction because of the popularity of River as a male name or maybe they just don't have the social graces to hide the fact that they dislike the name! Either way, it has meaning to you, fits your style- you love it? That's all that matters right now!

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    I think they're reacting oddly because 'river' is a word they're used to hearing in a nature context and not as a name. If you've never heard it as a name in your life it's going to sound as bizarre as naming a child 'hedge'.

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    The above, and it's still rather dominated by River Phoenix, who was, of course, male.
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