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    Red face Corinne or Holland?

    My husband and I want a name for our baby girl on the way that is not trendy and not popular. We like both these names: Corinne (2nd syllable pronounced "in") and Holland. Corinne's nickname would likely be Cora. Holland's nickname would likely be Holly. But I'd really like to focus on the full/proper name here. Which do you like better?

    Some middle name combinations are:

    Corinne Holland Grace
    Corinne Autumn Grace

    Holland Corinne Grace

    Our last name starts with "L".

    Thank you for your help! Maybe talking it out like this will help us choose

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    I prefer Corinne Holland Grace, but both are very pretty!
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    My favorite is Corinne Autumn Grace, because I think it flows the best, but since you love the name Holland, I would do Corinne Holland Grace. I prefer Corinne as a first name over Holland because Holland will forever be associated with a location, whereas Corinne will more easily be associated with a person. The -land ending in Holland makes it decidedly a place rather than a girl. I do like the sound of the word, but I would recommend maybe Hollis instead of Holland if you wanted to go that route. Corinne is beautiful.

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    ooo I know it's not one of your combo's but I LOVE Holland Autumn Grace, love love love. Holly is adorable and I would also argue that the short 'o' sound in Holly ages very well and makes a sophisticated nn for an adult woman too.
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    I prefer Corinne. Holland is sweet but nowhere near as elegant or timeless as Corinne.
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