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    I really like Violet Eva Harriet. I also like the suggestion of Violet Hattie. Or I suppose you could do Viola Harriet nn Violet? Although I agree, I much prefer Violet, too, though.

    Good luck!
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    Violet Eva Harriet seems like a great compramise- all three sound wonderful together. I think it's the -et endings that make Violet Harriet awkward.
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    Just my honest opinion but I feel that Violet and Harriet clash, even with the second middle name. The et endings is what does it, although they're both really great names. I knew a really sweet girl named Violet in high school Although I cant shake the fact it reminds me of "violent". Harriet comes with the really great nickname of Hattie and isnt as popular as Violet is getting. Id go with Harriet for the name sake and save Violet.
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    I would also split up the 'et-names' I like your husbands suggestion of Eva. I think Violet Eva Harriet is very pretty and a nice way to honor both sides of her family.
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    Maybe Violet Harlow? Harper? Hartley? Henrietta? You could also possibly keep Eva in the the middle with those combos.

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