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    Lightbulb Violet Harriet dilemma - please help!


    We are expecting our first girl next year and I am absolutely in love with the name Violet. However I also desperately want to use my Grandma's name, Harriet, as we won't be having any more after this (we already have 2 boys) and I would love to keep her name in the family.

    My problem is that Violet Harriet just doesn't sound right to me. I think it's the 'et' endings together. I thought about maybe giving her a second middle name to split it up, so Violet _ Harriet but am still not convinced and can't think of anything to fill the gap!

    Does anybody have any opinions or ideas about this name? I am determined that our only daughter should have a pretty name that sounds lovely together.

    Thank you so much

    PS - hubby has suggested Eva as that was his grandma's name...Violet Eva Harriet...???

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    Welcome to Nameberry!

    I think it's best to split up the two "et" names - Violet Eva Harriet flows better than Violet Harriet. Using the two grandmother's names in the combo is a wonderful way to honour both sides of the family!
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    I think the double -et ending doesn't flow very well.
    How about:
    Viola Harriet
    Violet Hattie

    I love Eva Harriet or Violet Eva.

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    I like Violet Eva Harriet too! It's lovely that your honouring both grandparents also.

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    I like Violet Eva Harriet.
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