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    WDYT of this sibset?

    Alright so these names are my guilty pleasures and I absolutely adore them although I think they are a bit unpractical. I have a dream guilty pleasure subset and I want to know what you think of it. Whether it might actually be usable or am I type casting them with edgy and too cool names??

    Garnett (DD)
    Nola (DD)
    Knox (DS)
    Alton (DS)
    Cash (DS)

    I think they make a great set but whether they are usable is the question! Let me know!

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    abby Guest
    They'd be totally wearable in my 'hood. We're in Metro DC, and kids have all sorts of names. Do they work together? I'm less sure about that. Knox and Cash sound like brothers, but Alton feels preppier while Knox and Cash are cowboys. Nola is sassy and feminine, but I think Garnett would feel like a boys' name in this set. In another grouping, I would love Garnet/t on a girl. And I'd even love Nola Garnett as a combination.

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    abby- I agree with what you said about Alton vs. Knox and Cash. Alton is much preppier I think. Would Knox, Nola and Cash work? What could Garnett work with subset wise?

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    Nola and Knox are fine and perfectly usable IMO.

    I don't see anything particularly wrong with Garnett or Alton either, they just aren't my style. Garnett sounds very harsh for a little girl, especially as Nola is so soft sounding.

    Cash is the only one I really don't like, I just think of money. Cassius would be better.
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