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Thread: Thoughts?

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    So Race has teasing potential but Hermes does not? Makes me think of herpes right away. Race is much better in my opinion.

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    I hear what you're saying Fivebabymen. Hermes COULD get turned into herpes. Not my first association, but then I'm not 12 years old. There's such interesting mythology behind the name Hermes; it is a "real" name, rather than a word that sounds "name-ish." Dick, Peter, Randy... real names. Hermia sounds like hernia but it's a legitimate name with other wonderful associations. ...And you have to admit, Chlamydia really has a nice ring about it. Syphilis for a boy? Or maybe Cyphilus is a more masculine spelling.

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    Oh, emms, you rock!

    I think of horse races and dog races when I hear Race. I like emma's suggestions of Blaise, Chase and especially Hermes.
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    I don't think Race works very well as a name, for many of the reasons mentioned above. It reminds me of those people I read about in the news who named their daughter something like Aryan Princess. Ok, so it's not that bad, but I think it can lead people to the same conclusions whether that is your intention or not.

    As for some of the other suggestions, I think christabel's list is pretty spot on if you want names with similar sounds. It might be easier to suggest names if we knew what attracts you to Race. I know you didn't ask for other suggestions, but it could be fun. As for teasing potential, I'm not sure I would go with Hermes, either. The idea is to think like a 12 year old boy when it comes to things like this. Even if a name is overflowing with history, and every highbrow name scholar in the world thinks it's just fantastic, it doesn't mean it works in a modern middle school. What is your kid going to say "You can't call me Herpes! I have a "real" name!!!"?? Real names are not tease-proof.

    I also understand that any name has teasing potential, but why set your kid up for it?

    Names I think have a similar feel to Race:

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    I think race is a bad idea since "Race's" sounds like Racist so I can see that being a bad thing when someone wants to say "That's Race's bike/ball" and worse when they just say "Oh that's Race's" because to me it sounds like "Oh that's racist"

    I also see it as an issue since race doesn't just mean running, it means what you are, like "What's your race?" "Oh I'm Chinese" Just not a good idea....

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