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Thread: Thoughts?

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    I've known a twenty-something year-old named Race all of his life. Parents have strong ties to auto racing, so it's significant to them. I don't recall there ever being any teasing or negative associations with his name. He wears it well. Perhaps it's more accepted here in Indiana, home of the Indianapolis 500?? I can see where pps are coming from with the association to the human classification system, but to be honest, it never crossed my mind prior to reading this post.

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    Sorry, but Race is bad, very bad. My first thought was also the human classification system, as though you're implying someone's "race". That would not stand well in today's society.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    am i the only one who saw Race and thought "racy" as in black lace thongs? i must have a dirty mind.

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    Hee hee--loved the "racy" comment. I really want to give you a thumbs up on Race since I usually think people should go with their gut, but as a retired middle school teacher I can't. I think it would be a horrible name to have in the hallway. Sure, if he was uber popular and charming he could get away with anything, but he might be shy or average or academically inclined and it just wouldn't work.

    My last name is Young and my hubby always wanted a son named Brigham Young. That name might not mean much if you live outside of Utah, but we live in Utah so we decided against it. As my hubby said, "If our son is like you he would LOVE being Brigham Young, but if he is like me he would hate his name." I think Race is the same kind of thing--you can't predict if he'll have the personality to like it and pull it off until it is too late.

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    Yeah I really don't like it at all

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