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    I grew up in Spain, in a small community centered around Catholic life and traditions. As far as I remember, everyone I knew growing up had a name which was connected to Catholic life.

    Everyone I remember meeting as a child had a name that was chosen according to the Saints calendar, had María, Jesús or José included on their name, or was connected to apparitions and qualities of the Virgin Mary.

    My full name is Belén (Bethlehem) Antonia de la Caridad (last part after our lady of charity). Some of my siblings names are:
    Esperanza Sofía de la Luz (of our lady of light)
    Pedro Isaac de Jesús
    Juan Bautista (basically John the Baptist)
    Ana Gabriela de las Mercedes (of our lady of Mercy)
    Clara Anunciación
    Elena del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (Elena of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

    My family's newest generation, which includes nephews, nieces and their children, still have pretty devoted names. Perhaps not as funky and elaborate as ours, but here are some:

    María Pía (she goes by Pía)
    Ana Cecilia
    Juan Pablo
    José Cruz
    María Paula (she goes by Paula)
    María René (we use both names for her)
    María del Sol (we call her Sol)

    These names are pretty common in Spain, and not every person who uses them is thinking about its Christian connections, but my siblings definetely were when they chose them for their sons and daughters. We are the only part of the family who went rogue and didn't use the Catholic angle when naming our children.
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    Wow, thanks for all the replies. I may inbox some of you with a request for a quote -- don't be alarmed! And feel free to say so. The saint-related names (thanks, nouvelle) such as Kolbe and Normandie are interesting twists but definitely in line with names like Lourdes. Vivalabell, those are beautiful names, and I love all the Mary-related names like Pilar and Dolores and Concepcion, etc. Remedios. Belen is so lovely. Lots to think about here!

    My confirmation name was Veronica, btw.

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    I always thought the American custom of "adding" a new name upon confirmation was a way of dealing with the less Catholic first names kids often get - so Catholics still can name kids Kaylie Madison or Logan Dane or whatever. In Catholic countires 90% of "normal" names are saints name anyways so they don't need to do that.

    The surname thing is pretty interesting and certainly has historical precedent, even in languages where "surnames" aren't accepted as given names: Xavier is the most famous example.
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    My Grandmother was the 8th child in rural Ireland in 1910 and everyone had run out of naming enthusiasm by the time she came along so my great aunt Bridget told her teacher 'Mammy's had the baby but we don't know what to call her', the nun said 'call her this, it is a French saint's name' and wrote the name on a piece of paper. That is how my grandmother came to be named Leontia. As we have never found a St Leontia we assume it is a feminisation of Leon. Granny's siblings were:

    Philomena (2 x, they named the next baby after one who died at 2 months old...)
    Mary Ann

    They also had neighbours called Pius (who went by the nn 'Pope' and Aloysious)

    We wanted my daughter to have a Saint's name and chose Agnes, I like the idea of Felicity for her sibling if it is a girl to keep in the litany of the saints.

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    Yes- Catholics should still name their baby a Christian name

    Whether it is trendy or not to stick with traditional Christian names, as practicing Catholics, we all should. Paragraph 2156 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church asks for parents to name their children after a Biblical name, Christian virtue or Saint. Catechism of the Catholic Church - PART 3 SECTION 2 CHAPTER 1 ARTICLE 2

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