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    I work in a Catholic school in the UK and I can honestly majority of children do not have saint names or "proper" Catholic names.
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    Thanks for the replies, everyone. Here's a purely theoretical question: as old-fashioned names like Ruby, Lily, Abigail etc are popular, what about Catholics bringing back some of the old naming traditions like Mary Middlename and lost classics like Bernadette, Agnes, Veronica, even Patricia?

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    I come from a very Catholic family, and no one in this generation really has religious names. My sister has a made up name, my brother has a family name, and my name is from Greek mythology. My first cousins (who are also Catholic I think) have very trendy names as well, a long the lines of Briana, Devin, Natalie, and Faeril. I don't know if it's just my family, but it seems that if there are Catholics in the area, they don't have traditional names. However, my great-aunts and uncles on my maternal grandmothers side were named for their saint day. Intersting.

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    I know of plenty of people who still follow tradition of using a Saint's name, if not as a first then middle. I know of Faustina, Vianney, Therese, Bernadette, Lucy, Anastasia, Maximilian, Regina, Magdalena, Cecilia, Thomas, Patrick, etc. being used. I used Isaac, Mary, and Lawrence for my little ones. I definitely don't see it being discarded any time soon.

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    It probably has something to do with where we all live as well. Religion over here isn't nearly as big as it once was.

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