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    Wow, there's some serious judgement going on in the post. One reason I stepped away from religion, though. Ahem.

    I was a disgusting, shameful, unwed mother when my first was born. Clutch your pearls. Go on. I'll wait. And get ready for the shock of the century!!! My husband and I-- yes, the man who knocked me up out of wedlock married me! Not before our first kid was born, however! We're not that classy..-- had our second when we had been married over a year and a half.
    Our third will be born on our fourth wedding anniversary.

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    My boyfriend and I have been together almost 5 years. We are both in our early 20's. As much as we both want a baby, kids won't be on the cards until we're both finished university and have stable jobs in our specialised fields.

    We're already engaged but frankly, a baby is more of a priority than marriage. We plan on TTC in early 2014, and we probably won't be married by then for the basic reason that getting married would put our TTC plans back another 2-3 years and we're both ( more so me ) desperate to become parents.

    Marriage is important to us but having a baby is even more important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Less than half of first births in the US, UK or Europe are to married mothers. In the US, 40% of all births are to unmarried women.
    Thanks for that, Blade, that's really interesting to know. Of the five couples I know that have had children in the past year or so, two were married and three were not, all first births, so that statistic actually does seem to hold true in my circle at least.

    And apologies if anyone feels like they're being judged for their situation. That was never my intention in creating this thread, it was simply out of sheer curiosity.

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    I've been with my SO 3 1/2 years now. We've been living together for 2 1/2. We are both in our late 20s. I'm still in grad-school but would love to TTC now. Mostly because my bio-clock is ticking really loudly. I also think it might have recently installed a cuckoo. I'm serious. lol. My mom was unwed when I was born and I know quite a few kick-ass women who actively choose to be single mothers (Either through adoption or IVF). I don't think marriage has anything to do with having children. Sadly my SO disagrees, his family is more traditional and religious. Though he hasn't set foot in a church (with the exception of his mothers funeral) since we've started dating. I think though we've unofficial agreed to start TTC before we actually turn 30. (Alright maybe more of a demand on my side, but hey, I gave him a fair heads up before he moved in).

    I think age is an important factor to consider. You can't really compare apples and oranges: ex. @dantea having been 13 when she meet her husband and @ottille and her SO. 8 years for 13 year olds seems reasonable before being pregnant, though maybe not as reasonable for a couple whose average age is around 30.
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    I added this edit under my post on Page 1, but I want to add it here: Some comments below mine indicate that this thread feels judgmental, and I hope that feeling wasn't caused by my post. I understand that very few people hold the views that my husband and I do, and that is just fine with us. We have friends and relatives of all stripes, and we respect their lifestyles and decisions as they do ours. My own baby sister, whom I love very much, is pregnant and unmarried, and I'm not about to judge her or anyone else. To each their own. My only point is that for us, this was the right decision to wait until marriage, and while today's society views it as "weird" to be a virgin for so long (I was married at 23; now 25 and TTC), we have no regrets about our decision. I apologize if my wording offended anyone.

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