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    We had been together almost 9 ½ years when our son was born in July last year. I am 27, he is 26 and we've been together since we were 16. We are engaged but both hate weddings! We'll probably just elope one day!
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    My sister was with her boyfriend for 11 months before she got pregnant with my beautiful niece
    My friend who's fiance is currently pregnant have been together for a year and a half and he was with his first daughter's mother for two years before she was pregnant
    My soon to be goddaughter's parents have been together for 7 years before they had Sadie
    I don't think it's important to be married before you have a child or even be with the father/mother of the child I think the only thing that's important in having a child is that you are ready to be a parent, none of the people I have mentioned are married, though two of the couples are engaged but that's because they're in love not because they have children
    On the other hand I know couples who have been together years and years before even considering children or marriage or anything like that
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    I'm unmarried and all of my exes would not have been suitable parents. But, I can provide some insight: my parents were together for ten years, married for seven, before they had me, Elana "Lani", and my twin sister, Alexis "Lexi". Two of my friends, a couple, got pregnant when they were eighteen. Now, both twenty-one, they've been together for six years and are happily married. They were childhood sweethearts. My cousin, Josh, married his wife, Becca, when they were both 24 and are now 27. With six years together and three years of marriage under their belts, they're now trying for children.

    Personally? I want to wait until I'm financially stable and have been married to someone for a substantial period of time before TTC. But, so long as both parents are loving and able to provide the necessary care and compassion, it shouldn't matter how long they've been together for.
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    My husband and I dated/courted for one year before he proposed. We were engaged for 3 years while we saved some money for a nice wedding and our needs for our first home. Happily, we got pregnant 7 months after our wedding. We wanted to plan so that I could take time off after having the baby to stay home with him for awhile.

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    My husband and I had been married almost a year and 1/2 (Together for a total of 5 1/2 years) when we had our eldest We had planned on waiting longer because none of our friends were married (although some were engaged) and weren't children yet but by the time she arrived lots of our friends were married and have told us that when they met her for the first time it made them catch 'the baby bug', haha.
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