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    We celebrated our 1 yr wedding anniversary when I was 2 months pregnant

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    I was a few months pregnant when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary.

    We were together 3 years before getting married. We lived together for 2 of those years.

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    We dated three years and were married two years before becoming pregnant with our first sticky baby. We started TTC just a few months after our wedding. I'm a Christian and firmly believe in marriage before baby. If unexpected baby comes along you should get married quickly, forget the big unneeded fancy wedding, if not for yourselves then for your child's sake. My one friend got married after finding out she was pregnant which was their plan. If they never had a baby they would have never married, just lived together, but both agreed that should she become pregnant the right thing to do was to go to the Justice of the Peace and get married. My one cousin-in-law was married a year I think before becoming pregnant with her son, something like that. The other cousin-in-law was a knocked up seventeen year old and as you can guess broke up with the baby's daddy before the kid was a year old (he is an involved father though). My mom was a very pregnant Catholic bride which just thrilled my father's very Catholic family as you can imagine.

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    My Fiance and I have been together almost 7 years, and it will be another 3+ before we have any kids.

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    My boyfriend and I had been together for almost a year when I got pregnant (which makes it one year and almost six months now). We had been living together for almost all that time (I moved in with him six days after we starting being together). We're not getting married, at least not yet as it's way to soon and I don't really think marriage is necessary (baby was obviously an acciedent, but a happy one). I think age is kind of interesting with these questions as well, I'm almost 30 and my boyfriend is ten years older than me. Most couples I know who meet the one they want to be with in their thirties don't wait around for years before starting having children, while if you meet in your early twenties, you'll probably wait a while.
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