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    Middle name for Delphine?

    Hi! Lurker here, coming out of hiding.

    Our daughters are Ambriel Jillian and Kalea Evelyn. Hubby and I would love more kids and we're both dead set on the names Xanthe and Delphine if we end up with more girls. Problem is, we can't figure out a good middle name for Delphine. We will probably use Xanthe first, and we've picked the middle name Josefina (after my grandmother) to go with, but I'd love to hear any ideas for what would go good with Delphine. Thanks so much!

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    If you like Josefina you might like Josiane or Josette.
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    When I hear Delphine the perfect combo that comes to mind is Clara Delphine, which obviously isn't what you're looking for.
    That said I think there are some great Delphine ideas would be-

    Delphine Esme
    Delphine Clementine
    Delphine Juliet
    Delphine Iris
    Delphine Magnolia
    Delphine Claire
    Delphine Elizabeth
    Delphine Isobel
    Delphine Helena
    Delphine Edith
    Delphine Pearl
    Delphine Margaret
    Delphine Olivia
    Delphine Frances
    Delphine Cecelia
    Delphine Vivienne
    Delphine Lavinia
    Delphine Grace
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    Thanks for the replies so far! We are pretty set on Delphine and not Delphina, but maybe I just need to hear some name combos.

    I really love Delphine Cecilia, Delphine Coralie, and Delphine Vivienne a lot! Especially since Coralie and Vivienne are on our faves list. The only combo I could come up with was Delphine Avalon, since we had our honeymoon on Catalina Island, but I'm not sure about it. Since our kids have unusual first names I try to balance the middle names out with something more classic, and Avalon's pretty unique I think.

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