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    Hobbes as first name

    My hubby and I are STILL trying to find a name for baby #6. I am in love with Hobbes Johann (Johann is a family name) but my hubby compares it to Elmo in that the tiger connection is as strong as the puppet connection. I disagree because I think it fits beautifully into the surname-as-first-name trend and feels masculine but mischievous and charming--much like my second choice, Oscar, that my hubby has vetoed because of The Office. Sigh.

    We're actually making progress (although it doesn't feel like it) because my hubby did make one real suggestion: Wyatt. I love it but it is my younger brother's name and my sister is using it for her boy due one month before mine. She wouldn't care if I used it three years from now, but two Wyatt's a month apart is a little much and it would bug her. So . . . I vetoed it. Hubs is not happy about that.

    Okay--sorry to bore you with the agonizing details of our search for a name. I think Hobbes goes BEAUTIFULLY with our other boys' names: Cowen and Eli.

    Anyway, the tiger thing too much?

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    I think Hobbes is much more interesting than Wyatt, which may be heading toward trendy IMO.
    Hobbes Johann has beautiful flow. Very gentle but strong. Only con for me is that it has a slight "butlery" feel about it (like Jeeves.)
    I do think of Calvin and Hobbes, but I also think of Thomas Hobbes. The tiger was not the only one ever to bear the name. And the character on the Office (never seen it) certainly doesn't hold the monopoly on Oscar! Harumph!

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    When I saw Hobbes on the subject line, my first thought was Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher. (Actually, my real first thought was "someone wants to name their kid after their hobby?" And then I realized it said Hobbes.) My second thought was Calvin and Hobbes, but I don't think it's a bad association. So I think it's handsome and usable.
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    It sounds like a butler or a pet name. I don't like it for a child.

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    Sorry, not a fan of Hobbes.

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