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    Honestly my first thought when I saw your subject was Calvin and Hobbes. I don't think it makes it unusable, but it's definitely still a very strong connection that most people will think of. So if that bothers you, it's best to move on to other names.
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    Hobbes is the name of my giant tiger-looking orange tabby cat so it makes it hard for me to picture on a child. That and the character from Calvin and Hobbes.

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    I didn't think of Calvin and Hobbes at all. But I still don't like it. If I were a little boy, I would not like to be named Hobbes. If I were a grown man I would like even less to be named Hobbes. I just don't like it as a first name at all.

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    I have to agree with your husband, unfortunately. Hobbes is all the tiger from Calvin and Hobbes to me. I think that it would be fine as a middle name, but it doesn't quite work as a first name for me. I much prefer Oscar. I'm not familiar with the character from The Office, but I feel like Oscar is a fairly familiar name and has a lot of different references.

    I believe that Hobbes was derived from Robert ( and, so perhaps as a compromise you could find a form of Robert that you like and use Hobbes as a nickname? Robert is a bit plain next to Cowen and Eli, but maybe something like Robinson or Robbins?

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    My main asociation with the name Hobbes is the philosopher, whom I have a negative opinion of. I'd recommend reading some Hobbes before going with the name.

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