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    The Demon Detective

    Hello, writers.

    So, I'm writting a story called "The Demon Detective's Pet" but we need to focus on the actual demon detective. He's the only main "good" character without a name. So here's the most basic plotline: a girl named Darcy Addams was run over by a car. She almost died and in "death" she formed a contract with a demon stating she would give him her "body" and her "soul". That would be the nameless demon. He says it's because they have met before that he wants to give her a second chance. At first Darcy refuses because she accepts that she should have died but then she is told in reality she has been murdered and her father is about to be killed any minute now. Darcy's mother left her and her dad when she was small so Darcy's father is a big deal for her. Darcy goes back to the human world when the pact was completed. Six months in our time/ six days in demon time passes and the nameless demon comes back and wants to claim that which is his. He explains to Darcy when he said he wanted her "body" he wanted her to do work for him as he is a demon which eats a strange energy source called corruption. Usually there is plenty to be found in the demon world but they all have boring flavours and humans being the wierd creatures we are seem to have exotic forms of corruption. He also explains that he cannot have any reporters snoop around him while he eats which is why he needs a puppet to do the talking while he does everything else. Darcy, under much pressure, decides she will help him. Though Darcy doesn't fully believe him to be a demon until she actually sees him "eat" as a mystery and corruption appears downstairs in her hospital. So obviously there are many murders, mysteries and frauds for them to uncover and for me to write.

    Now, I picture Darcy to be a regular girl. She likes things being normal and hates change. Her hair can't grow long or otherwise it'll look horrid. It is blonde. Her eyes are green. She's usually plain though a glutton. She can also been a bit cruel from time to time. The demon detective has to contrast with her. His hair is a mixture of black, brown and dirty blonde. His eyes are usually brown but they turn a gruesome scarlet whenever he can smell food, toruring someone or piecing together the mystery which hides corruption. He has a habit of saying "stupid" things at bad times. He is quite intelligent but that intelligent fails him when it comes to trying to understand humans thus leading him to say those stupid things. Darcy is also like a troublesome pet to him as well as his puppet. He can literally use her like a puppet. He can force her to say and do things against her will because of the pact. However he can only force her mouth to say things and her right arm to do things. It is also troublesome for him because his own right arm will want to copy Darcy's actions.

    Now it is set in present times and in a nameless city (feel free to name it for me if you wish because I am not bothered enough to) which isn't the cleanest of places. Like two in fifty people might know someone in the criminal underworld and it also a bit polluted enviromentally.

    You can give me names for the demon detective, the city, policemen, suspects and criminals. Coming up with the mysteries is my job.

    Thank you, Going_Merry

    PS I hope there is enough information.

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    I'd say, for the demon detective, something like Blaze, and for the police officer, Jacob. Not sure about the city, though. Is it made up, or real?

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    How'd did this post get so popular? Well, sorry, but I already found a good name for him last year...oops. Should have closed this post as soon as I found it. Sorry... It's Aeron Roux if you wanted to know. This is kind of awkward for me...Closing this post.

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