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Thread: brother for sam

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    brother for sam

    dh and i just recently found that we are having a boy. we have no idea where to start. we have a son named samuel. looking for a name that is classic/ somewhat old fashioned but always been "around". we had no idea samuel was so popular when we named ds- we are looking for a name with a similar feel but not as popular. last name has three syllables and starts with o. any ideas? thanks.

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    Charles nn Charlie: I suggest this, in part, because I'm currently expecting twin boys and my husband and I have agreed to name one Charles. We can't seem to decide on a second name, but my current favourite right now is Samuel nn Sam because I think Charlie and Sam seem like perfect brother names.

    From your description, it sounds like our styles are similar, so you might be inspired by something on our current list:

    Charles nn Charlie
    Sebastian nn Sabe
    Peter nn Pete
    Edward nn ?
    Gabriel nn Gabe
    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    I love Charles nn Charlie. It was on our list the first time around, BUT my cousin just named her son Charlie. And her husband's name is Sam (married after my Sam was born). Any other ideas with a similar feel to Samuel nn Sam and Charles nn Charlie?

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