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    My last pregnancy I knew before I even tested, b/c I was running to the bathroom all day and even waking up in the night to go.
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    Nausea and lack of energy - also I'd be flushed periodically... and I'd get hot, I'm always cold. Those were the signs that led to the "maybe you're pregnant jokes", the test, and now here I am in my second trimester excited as all heck :razz:

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    Before a missed period, I have noticed:

    darker nipples
    breast tenderness (very pronounced in 1st pregnancy, more subtle in subsequent ones)
    occasional, slight nausea (this might have been all in my head, though, before the missed period)
    could really smell my deodorant, like it was suddenly a lot more potent-smelling, first thing in the a.m.

    About the time of a missed period:
    peeing more often
    consistent nausea after waking up, and needing to eat crackers or something right away so I wouldn't feel pukey
    more tiredness
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