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    Missed period except for my last pregnancy which was morning sickness, I didn't realize I'd missed a period until then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    @kungfualex -- Not everyone has nausea with migraines. There's 2 different types of migraines. The type that's just sensitivity to light and sound and extreme pain, and the other kind, Migraines with aura (which is what I have) which can have vision changes (black spots etc), dizziness, nausea, etc. So she probably just had never had a migraine that included nausea before.
    I guess I had always strongly associated the symptom of nausea with migraines. I looked it up and you're right, while about 90% of migraine sufferers experience nausea, that still leaves a portion that don't. Mine always started with nausea and vomiting, then unilateral pain that felt like a small fork stabbed in the back of my eye, with the handle extending back into my head. I had sensitivity to light, sound and smell. I also experienced an aura 3 times. I remember the first vividly because it happened in class. I couldn't get my eyes to focus and it was terrifying, particularly because I had been warned about the nausea and vomiting but not about this and I had no idea how long it would last or how I would get home. It had resolved by the time the class ended, but I was grateful this did not become a common symptom for me. I can drive while vomiting into a drink cup but I'd be stranded if I was stuck somewhere with double-vision. Anyway, as sorry as I am to hear about someone else going through this, it is somewhat of a relief to know someone else has experienced what, for me, was the scariest symptom.

    Sorry bostonsavvy for the thread-jacking!

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    It wasnt planned but I knew it was a possibility. I had suspected before because I was always very irregular and the test had always been nagative. I thought for sure it would be this time too and id have to make a doctor appointment to figure out what was up. I couldnt keep anything down, not even water. Every time I woke up no matter what time of day it was I was instantly nauseas. Cigarette smoke made me really nauseas(im a non-smoker) and any smell that was "different" that I wouldnt normally notice like the smell of dry dog food.(Turns out I had hyperemesis which is severe morning sickness and ended up on an IV). I didnt wanna eat anything especially meat (chicken in particular). I was also super crampy along with other AF symptoms and thought my period was on its way. I couldnt keep my eyes open even if I slept a full night. I took a test and it was positive so fast it was like someone flipped a light on. My jaw hung open for a full five mins and I was so shakey I couldnt stand. Sheer disbeleif lol
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    terrible metallic taste in my mouth - the only symptom prior to testing. followed a week or two later by fatigue and nausea...yay.

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    Sore breasts was my only telltale sign, so I took a Dollar Store test and it was positive five days BEFORE my expected period. Pleasantly surprised though finding out so early makes for a seemingly very, very long pregnancy!

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