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    So tired and I'm only 4 weeks, I sit down and I'm half asleep lol I hope this goes away but at least I'm not having morning sickness
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    I don't know yet for sure if I'm pregnant. I got a negative four days ago. I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to test. I will be 7 days late tomorrow.

    Anyway, right now I'm not having any of the cramps and sore boobs associated with AF for me normally. My chief complaints are unusual for me: major gas, restless legs/insomnia at night, EXTREME fatigue during the day, and what I call queasiness, usually right after I eat. It's not really quite nausea but borderline. Also yesterday I got a bad migraine but it was preceded by nausea, which is weird.

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    Why is a migraine preceded by nausea weird? Nausea was how I always knew a migraine was coming.

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    With our first, I found out because my period was late and I had severe headache and nausea. With our second, I thought I had my period, but it was really short and spotty, and I began to feel extremely fatigued, sore, and I had no appetite, the next day, I took a test and it was positive. With our third, my husband was watching TV, and I was making dinner and dealing with the kids so I was constantly walking in front of the TV. After about the tenth time my husband said, "Babe, do you think you're pregnant,". Yeah, it took him a while to explain that one! With our fourth I had just done a twin c-section, and was getting some water from the break room when all of a sudden my back and lower abdomen started cramping badly and my vision got blurry. I had been sore and a little tired all day, but just likened it to the fact that I had been working so much lately. I retrieved a pregnancy test from my office (OB-GYN) and took it right there at the hospital. Viola, baby number 4!

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    @kungfualex -- Not everyone has nausea with migraines. There's 2 different types of migraines. The type that's just sensitivity to light and sound and extreme pain, and the other kind, Migraines with aura (which is what I have) which can have vision changes (black spots etc), dizziness, nausea, etc. So she probably just had never had a migraine that included nausea before. -- My Amazon Author Page

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