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    Always feeling thirsty
    Sore breasts

    @blade, I've got the super-smell going on now. I can tell when someone has been at a gas station earlier in the day. It's not fun for nausea, but agree its kind of cool overall.

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    I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday and so far the only symptoms I've had are slight breast tenderness and cramping, which is pretty much what I remember from last time.

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    I was dizzy, lightheaded, tired, confused and I couldn't think straight. I was making dinner and I just couldn't follow a simple recipe I'd made several times before. I couldn't think linearly. So I sent out the husband to pick up a test and that explained that!

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    I mistook the signs for depression and migraine for a long time. But the signs were fatigue, aversion to food and nausea. My pregnancy was not planned, so it was far from my mind that I could be pregnant.
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    The only symptom I had before my missed period was sore boobs. It only lasted a couple days.

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