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    Can I steal my daughter's name? honest opinions

    We have a 3 year old named Geneva Simone. We feel like we used up our best names in naming her.
    My Questions: Could we steal her middle name and give it to her little sister due in March?
    IE: baby #2 would be Simone Indira (probably)

    Is this ok? frowned upon? ridiculous? what issues will we come across?
    Honest opinions appreciated.
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    Honestly, I wouldn't do it. I feel like using your first daughter's middle name as your second daughter's first name could lead to a lot of sibling rivalry (your first daughter could feel like her name was "stolen" and your second daughter could feel like she got a hand-me-down). I would either keep searching for something you love just as much as Simone or use something with a similar sound/feel.

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    If you REALLY can't find a name you really love, I think its okay. It could turn into a cute thing that the sisters share. But what about Indira as a first name? I think its beautiful and works wonderfully with sister Geneva.

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    I wouldn't do it. Siblings already share a family, their life and their home they don't need to share a name too. It might feel like you can't find a name you love as much as Geneva Simone but you will find one! I thought I would never love a name as much as I did my eldest but I really adore the name we chose for our second. I had never even considered it until I was nearly 9 months pregnant but when I read it in a book I couldn't stop thinking about it. The name fits her perfectly.

    When I was at school there was a girl in my class with the middle name Tabitha and she has a younger sister named Tabitha. She was actually very very bitter about it. Any time people mentioned it or even asked what her middle name was she would get really dark about it. I assume you want to avoid that kind of bitterness so I would think very very hard before using Simone.
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    I think it's fine. It could be a sweet connection between sisters.

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