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Thread: Pain Relief

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    My experience with pain relief in the hospital was very traumatic, most of which was probably the hospital's fault. I wanted an elective c-section. I fought and fought my ob-gyn but they would not give in. I went to the hospital to check because my blood pressure was slightly elevated (128 over 81) and they pretty much guilted me into being induced because i was 4 days past my due date. After an hour in the hospital, my blood pressure came back down to normal and they still insisted on giving me pitocin and inserting a cervical balloon (which was one of the most horrific feelings ever) I couldn't take the pain after about 10 hours, and asked for an epidural. I had specifically asked the doctor and nurse that no students or "trainees" of any sort be allowed to work on me, and when the anesthesiologist arrived, I did not question him. He made me sign a few papers, and said he would be back in about a half hour. When he returned, another man was with him. He introduced himself as another anesthesiologist, so when the original man started working on me I didn't question him. Well, turns out he was a student and man did he mess me up. It felt like he literally poked my spine repetitively with the needle, and after 15 minutes of me howling in pain, the other man (the real anesthesiologist) jumped in and fixed it. Once the epidural was in, I kept having to ask the nurse to get them to come back because I could still feel almost everything. They kept reassuring me it was working. After 23 hours of labor, I was only dilated to 3 1/2 centimeters. My water had broken about 14 hours in. They finally decided to do a c-section, and wheeled me into the operating room. I kept asking my nurse if they were going to give me something else for the pain, and she said something to the extent of "No, have an epidural, why would you need anything else?" But I kept feeling things, and when they made the incision and started pulling and tugging, I could feel it. I was screaming and shaking and I think I almost passed out a few times, the young doctor/nurse (wasn't sure) to my right said "Hey, she's feeling all of this!" and put a mask on me for gas and literally squeezed a bag of ketamine into me. I was instantly in La La land and didn't regain full consciousness until about 30 minutes after the surgery ended. The nurses (still under the assumption I had some kind of epidural/pain relief) pushed on my lower abdomen for 15-20 minutes to get the blood out, all the while I was yelling in pain while still drugged out of my mind. They gave me a fentanyl drip with a push button afterwards so I was even more loopy. The hospital in my town has something called a "Mother-Baby" unit which translates into "Take care of your newborn while recovering from a c-section" There is no nursery. My husband was there, but he had to work the next day, my mom came to take care of the baby while I was in the hospital because she literally HAD to. I couldn't move for the first day and a half, and it was extremely hard to walk across the room and pick up a crying baby and bend over to change her. My last day in the hospital, the hospital director came to talk to me (out of suing probably) but I just wanted to leave. So pretty much, every single thing that could go wrong, went wrong with my pain relief. And the next baby in the future will be a c-section too, and I'm honestly the most terrified of the epidural than the actual c-section. I am going to the other area hospital where they have a real nursery next time, and make sure I grill the anesthesiologist about what happened last time. I want to make 100% sure I don't feel anything during the surgery, I would gladly be knocked out completely if they let me. I would actually be less scared of going through natural labor with no pain meds than going through a similar experience again. Sorry for the horror story, but it does happen sometimes and women need to be aware.
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    Ah Rowangreeneyes, I'm so sorry to hear that! I do know it happens, and that is just awful. I'm very familiar with this hospital (and know they don't allow students into the birthing rooms (though they do at 2 of the 4 hospitals in the area)) and know they're a wonderful hospital. Despite that, bad things can happen. I hope my doctor listens to me when I'm telling them something important.

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