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    For pain relief while labouring I used entonox (gas). It made me feel quite floaty and my face felt numb after a while. I hardly said 5 or 6 sentences during labour, but do remember saying how weird the gas made me feel. Mostly it just helped me focus on breathing during contractions. It must've done enough for pain since I remember that I didn't even think of requesting further pain relief (eg. epidural).

    Aside from the pain of contractions I had terribly sore hips, but only when trying to move about/change positions. I got into the tub fine, but almost couldn't get out as it really hurt me to lift my leg high enough to get it over the edge. I also found it incredibly painful whenever I had to change positions or roll over. I'd heard of people having contraction pain all through their hips but not when trying to move about between contractions.

    My labour ended in an emergency c-section after 2 hours of pushing, and it took them two goes to get the epidural in. I only felt the needle when the local anaesthetic was being administered (both times).
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