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    I like the idea of LL and RR

    Ruby Rebecca

    Lucy Rebecca is cute
    Amy Rebecca
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    Worthing, West Sussex, UK
    Absolutely love your boys names! Lincoln Levi and Brody William are gorgeous. I love Lucy Rebecca, Lacey Rebecca, Lily Rebecca. I think if your twins share the same first letter (in this case L) then as long as the names are different enough it will be fine. And Lincoln is a strong name next to many girls names so i don't think you would have any problems. I also love Romy or Romilly Rebecca, and also Daisy Rebecca.
    Lucy is a lovely name, and underused IMO. I haven't heard a Lucy for years! X
    Mrs B
    Proud Mummy to K, C, A & Angel Baby F xxx

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    My sister had twins a year ago and they are Lincoln and Berkley. It wasn't a name I would have thought about, but they go together great!

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    I would suggest names without an 'a' ending to go with Rebecca.
    Your boys have great names! They are all strong, so I don't know if you want a 'strong' girl name or something are some ideas:

    Zoe Rebecca
    Neve Rebecca
    Seraphine Rebecca
    Francine Rebecca
    Vivienne Rebecca
    Beatrix Rebecca
    Lexi Rebecca
    Carys Rebecca
    Ebony Rebecca
    Eloise Rebecca
    Felicity Rebecca
    Elise Rebecca
    Margot Rebecca
    Phoebe Rebecca
    Lily Rebecca

    Let us know how you get on - good luck!

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