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    Nautical Names: Names of the Sea

    I love anything related to the ocean. For me, that means brisk air, wild water, and salty skin. For others it might mean soft sand and azure waters. What are some names that make you think of the ocean? These could be word names (Ocean, Tempest, Pearl, etc.) or names that sound like the belong to someone who lives near the sea.

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    Girl names:

    Alcyone (Greek Mythology; means "Kingfisher". After Alcyones husband died in a shipwreck, Alcyone threw herself into the water. The Gods saved her and turned Alcyone and her husband into kingfishers.)
    Darya (Persian; means "Sea")
    Delfina, Delphine (means "Woman from Delphi"; reminds me of Dolphine)
    Helle (Greek mythology; In Greek mythology Helle was the daughter of Athamus and Nephele. She & her brother Phrixus escaped sacrifice by fleeing on the back of a golden ram, but during their flight she fell off & drowned in the strait that connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara, which was thereafter called the Hellespont ("the sea of Helle").
    Itsaso (Basque; means "Ocean")
    Lorelei (Germanic mythology; means "luring rock" & the myth goes that the maiden lures the men to their deaths and there's a river named Lorelei that flows through Germany)
    Maris (English; means "of the sea")
    Marisol (Spanish; means "sea and sun")
    Mary (means "Sea of Bitterness")
    Melusine (Mythology; form of Millicent & is the name of a woman who married a king & turned into a serpent on Saturdays & didn't want her husband to see her on that day as he didn't know she turned into a serpent & he broke his promise & Melusine left him forever.)
    Meraud (Cornish; means "Sea")
    Meri (Finnish;means "the Sea")
    Mira (Sanskit; means "Sea, ocean")
    Nereida (Spanish; means "Nymphs, sea sprites")
    Nerissa (Literature from Shakespeares "The Merchant of Venice"; supposedly means "Nymphs, sea sprites" as it's derived from a Greek sea God Nereus, who fathered the Nymphs)
    Océane (French; means "Ocean")
    Rosemary (English; means "Dew of the Sea" and comes from the Latin Ros Marinus)
    Siren (means "Siren")
    Tempest (English; means "storm")
    Undine (Literature; means "wave")

    Boy names:

    Alwyn (Welsh; from the River Alwen in Wales)
    Delmar (English; means "from the pond")
    Douglas (Scottish, English; means "dark river")
    Dylan (Welsh, English, Welsh Mythology; means "great-tide, flow" or "son of the sea")
    Glyndwr (Welsh; means "Valley Water")
    Merlin (Welsh Mythology, English; means "Sea Fortress")
    Mortimer (English; means "Still Water")
    Muir (Scottish; means "Sea")
    Kelvin (English; means "narrow water")
    Lake (English; means "lake")
    Pegasus (Greek Mythology; means "from a water spring")
    Pelagius (Ancient Greek, latinized; means "the sea")
    River (English; means "River")
    Windsor (English; means "Riverbank with a windlass")


    Aeron (Welsh; means "berry" or the name of a river in Wales)
    Derya (Turkish from Persian; means "Ocean")
    Kaimana (Hawaiian; means "Power of the Ocean" (also transcription of "Diamond"))
    Meredith (Welsh, English; means "Sea Lord")
    Morgan (Welsh, English, French; means "circle, sea")
    Ocean (English; means "Ocean"
    Sailor (occupational name)
    Storm (English; means "Storm")

    Leander & Hero (Leander, male & Hero, female, were lovers. Leander would swim across Hellespoint to meet her, but he drowned in a vicious storm. Upon seeing Leanders body,Hero threw herself into the water and drowned.)
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    Mayim- Hebrew for water
    Pacifica- such a peaceful name!
    Marina- has the feel of a dock
    Salina- love this salty name!
    Venice- the watery Italian city
    Cyprus- in the Mediterranean Sea

    ...and Sea.
    Such simple beauty!
    Mama to big kitty Jasper

    a feel for the names i adore:

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    Marina -> docks, Marina in latin means 'of the sea'.

    Maris - noun in genitiv, nominativ Mar means the sea, also latin. Mar is also spanish name

    Afrodita -> she was born in the sea foam.

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