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    Unexpected names from Film Noir.

    Notable Film Noir Names: I was on a little classic Film Noir kick and came across the below names. Some are character names and some are actual names/stage names. All combos are actually fn/ln but I'd consider some of the ln's great mn contenders. Thought I'd share them.

    Maltese Falcon: (1941)
    Sam Spade –
    iconic Bogart character. I kind of like the alliteration and was thinking it almost makes a great fn/mn combo.
    Floyd Thursby – I was a little surprised to find the name Floyed in a 1941 film. Felt unexpected. I'm also kind of digging Thursby as a great alternative to Thursday or Thurston.
    Effie LOVE this as a nn.

    Double Indemnity: (1944)
    Phyllis Dietrichson –
    Phyllis is always a bit of an old lady name to me (probably because I know a Phyllis who is 80) but I was intrigued to rediscover her as the cold calculating femme fatale in this film.
    Barton Keyes when was the last time you came across a Barton in real life?

    Sunset Blvd: (1950)
    Norma Desmond
    Desmond is usually all male to me but combined with an old classic like Norma I kind of like it as a mn for a spunky girl.

    Strangers on a Train: (1951)
    Guy Haines
    Guy always strikes me as an odd name for a boy. It's not like I'd give my daughter a given name of Girl or Lady. (Though I like Lady as a nn).
    Miriam Haines anyone else feel like Miriam comes up too seldom when we recommend names?

    Orson Welles –
    If your are Film Noir fan Orson or Welles would be a great homage to the man who unofficially started Noir with “Citizen Kane” and made the last classic noir “Touch of Evil”. Orson is a great and underused O- name anyway.
    Charlton Heston – can't really decide which I like better. But I think both could make for really great names for a little boy.
    Farley Granger FARLEY. I could have sworn it was a hippie version of Far-out but apparently it's got some classic roots.
    Hedda Hopper Hedda could be a great alternative to the popularity gaining Hattie.
    Humphrey Bogart nuff said.
    Mary Astor – Really liking Astor as a unisex name. (There is also a Gertrude Astor – not related).
    Wallace Ford Just sounds like a great combo for a 1940's Hollywood writer.
    Hume Cronyn Hume?!?
    Niven Busch Can't say I expected to see a name like Niven on this list.
    Gene Tierney (f) – Not really surprised by Gene, but you know I would have expected Jean on a girl instead of Gene.
    Loretta Young - I was looking over the back of the new DVD boxset I got for Christmas and Loretta was listed as one of the stars. I instantaneously fell in love. Obviously not unheard of but just a great -Etta name that we don't seem to consider all that often. To me it combines the charm and mystique of Lorelei and Henrietta. (This might have just made my top 20, if not top 10 list).
    Yul Brynner - Yul? Yul. YUL! Maybe this one strikes me so strongly because it was just Yule-tide season but... Talking about unexpected name which means "beyond the horizon".
    Hedy Lamar - She needs little introduction but could Hedy be a 1940's classy alternative to the Hattie?
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    Great list!! I love Miriam (with the French spelling Myriam) so I'm sort of hoping it doesnt come up more haha
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    I love Miriam, too! My best friend's name is Effie--not a nn, just Effie. It's a really great name and she wears it well.

    This is a good list!
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    Thursby is cute.

    I had a coworker in her 20s named Miriam and I thought it was pretty cool because it wasn't something I'd ever heard on a young person before.

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    Miriam and Tierney are great.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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