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Thread: Names

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    Talking Names

    Hi everyone. I had a really rough year, my husband and I have been trying to conceive and we have had two miscarriages. We are going in for IVF next year and I like to keep positive by talking about names.

    I'd love some opinions on these names we've chosen. Which do you like/dislike... what kind of names you think we might also like. We don't really like names that are overused (with the exception of Hope!)

    Middle names we are toying with are: Primrose, France, Maple, Plum, Pearl, Pomme, Roux, Bebe, March, Finch and Clove.

    Here are the names:


    Thanks so much everyone! x

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    I understand. *hugs* I really love the idea of Sadie Primrose! I would jump on the name Sadie if DH liked it.
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    Martha - this is such a sweet name and I've only ever known one.It feel like it should be more popular than it is. I like Martha Roux as a combo. I think the Roux spices it up and makes it unexpected.
    Hope - I think with everything that is going on for you this year, Hope is a beautiful name to have on your list. Combo: Hope Pearl.
    Brighton - nms. though I do like Brighton Primrose.
    Daphne - beautiful name. I like Daphne March.
    Magdalena - Magdalena Clove.
    Rowan - I love Rowan though I'd probably stay away from a place/day/nature thing name for a mn. Rowan Hope would be my choice.
    Sadie - feels more like a nn to me.
    Saskia - Saskia Plum. So cute.
    Sunday - day nnames are nms. Esp with certain words like Clove I think of a special Sunday Joint. Or Sunday March, is just too time or marchy descriptive for me. I'd probably use it as a mn instead. Maple Sunday?
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    I love Sunday.

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