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    Are these Simon sibsets useable?

    Simon is one of my new favorite names, and I am just mulling over potential brothers. Two of my other recent favorite names are Calvin and Theodore. Are these sibsets at all useable?? I just need some outside opinions because I have been thinking about this for too long that I don't know if I trust my judgement anymore. Thanks!

    Simon & Calvin
    Simon & Theodore

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    I think they are both useable; however, Simon and Calvin sounds more twinsy than Simon and Theodore, since they end in the same consonant. For some reason, Simon and Theodore seem to be more of the same genre, but I don't think Simon and Calvin are too far off either, like if you had Simon and something very modern and American (I think of Simon as a name with a British flair)...

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    (C)alvin, Simon & Theodore are the chipmunks! Sorry that that was the first though that popped into my head.

    I like Simon & Theodore, but perhaps not as brothers...

    Calvin, I can take it or leave it, it doesn't do much for me.
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    I immediately thought of the chipmunks!

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    Like pp, I immediately thought of the chipmunks with your combos!

    How about:
    Simon and Oliver
    Simon and Arthur
    Simon and Vincent
    Simon and Victor

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