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Thread: Weston

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    I think that we finally narrowed down our list to a top 3 and I'm leaning towards Weston. Middle name will be James. Can you please let me know your thoughts on the name? I feel like every time that I mention it to friends and family I don't get the best response.

    Thanks so much!

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    Weston is a nice choice. It's a 2-syllable name ending in -"an" so will fit in very well with all the Aidans, etc. It has a slightly more distinguished, preppy, surname vibe, but is still quite name-y (unlike, say, Fielding or Morrigan or something). Paired with James it's classically masculine yet distinctive.
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    I really like it. I agree with blade, it sounds more distinguished and trendy than Aidan, but still name-y. I like James too- a true classic.
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    I think Weston James is a fabulous combination. Weston is currently one of my favorite boy names. In fact, for this baby(we don't know if its a boy or girl yet) We were going back and forth between Avery and Weston as our boys choices for a while. We couldn't decide which we liked better. It was a tough call, but we are both feeling Avery right now. But if we happen to get another boy Weston will definitely be a top contender. I personally like Morgan better but my DH isn't on board with it right now. I agree with Blade's description of the name. It's a great choice and has the great nickname options of Wes or West! How cute and manly!

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    I like it. While I like Easton a bit more than Weston, I absolutely adore the nn West. I think Weston James (maybe nn West?) would be very handsome. I don't know if it matters to you, but every time I hear Weston I invariably think of Michael Weston--he's the main character on the TV show Burn Notice. Not a bad connection, just a strong one for me.
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