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    Name Combination Help

    So we are pregnant with another little girl!
    My first daughters middle name is Jade and my mother in law is pretty insistent on keeping up the gem trend.
    I am completely open to the idea if I come across a cute combo.
    Personally I love the names Lucy, Lilah, and Quinn. But I can't think of any middle names (gem or otherwise) that really rolls off the tongue.
    Any help or suggestions would be wonderful!

    Thank you!

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    Åshild | lover of books & baked goods

    Briar Yseult + Fey Ostara + Lore Eluned + Opal Ivalo + Vale Endzela
    Birch Aneurin + Coda Isidor + Elm Cadeyrn + Heath Loxias + Rue Pryderi


    From books and music:
    Dido Nuala Foxglove + Penthe Noria Delight + Una Hereswith Sybel
    Lórien Madrigal Melusine + Alaïs Antimony Blythe + Gwladus Rosa Rixende

    Cian Alabaster Lucien + Coren Iroko Nightingale + Sufjan Sirius Tamlane
    Remiel Kvothe Corundum + Annachie Casimir Lio + Elodin Emmanuel Sparrow

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    Florence Mae, Edith Rose, Persephone Jane, Lilith Marie, Aurora Jade, Violet Mae, Tatiana Rose, Octavia Joy, Clara Rose, Elena Joy, Nina Marie, Alice Mae, Elizabeth Rose, Mariana Jane, Jada Marie, Eleanora Grace, Lenora Mae

    Oliver Ian, Eli William, Arthur Levi, Milo James, Sebastian Miles, Lewis Elijah, Noah Grey, Benjamin Otto, Luca James, Paxton Miles, Oscar James, Jasper William, George Edward, Tobias Ian, Kaden Grey, Alexander Miles, Theodore Felix

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