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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island

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    Jan 2014
    Abram Neil & Juliana Frances
    Bentley Dean
    Sophia Kendall
    Paige Scarlett
    Ryland Alec
    Brielle Morgan
    Cat: Mona
    Dog: Moose
    Lizard1: Gator
    Lizard2: Gunner

    Bram & Jules
    Ben. Fifi. Paige. Ry. Elle


    Theodore Ross & Hope Cecily
    Jocelyn Willow
    Owen Ty
    Misha Tess, Micah Stone & Brock Adley
    Dog: Elvis
    Cat: Alice
    Bird: Piedmont

    Theo & Hope
    Jocey. Owen. Misha. Micah. Brock

    Lulu’s Mama {2008}
    Auntie to Moose {2014} & Chickadee {2016}

    Emmeline. Beatrice. Greer. Posey. Fiorella
    Wallis. Mae-Claire. Tallulah. Delphine. Georgiana. Bellamy. Magnolia
    Spencer. Holiday. Brighton. Freya. Oona. Maisie

    John. Callahan. Teague. Dexter. Anson. Montgomery
    Everett. Foster. Baylor. Cormac. Thayer. Nash
    Knoll. Dawson. Hayes. Edison. Harrison. Fitzwilliam

    Lulu's favorite name: Mary Ann

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    Jul 2011
    LN: Darling

    DH: Christopher Samuel (Kit)
    DW: Rose Eliza

    DS: Max Dean
    DD: Sophia Eden
    DD: Paige Scarlett
    DS: Alexander Jack (Lex)
    DD: Lila Mae

    Cat: Nina
    Dog: Ace
    Lizard1: Echo
    Lizard2: Dax

    LN: North

    DH: Theodore Harrison (Teddy)
    DW: Valentina Cecily

    DD: Heidi Willow
    DS: Roman Zachary
    DD/DS/DS: Daphne Tess and Darren River and Devon Zane (Ren and Dev)

    Dog: Emmett
    Cat: Alice
    Bird: Sadie

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    Jan 2015
    LN: Hobbs

    DH: William Jared, Luke Hobbs
    DW: Juliana Virginia Hobbs

    DS: Bentley Connor Hobbs
    DD: Lacey Kendall Hobbs
    DD: Paige Scarlett Hobbs
    DS: Miles Preston Hobbs
    DD: Brielle Morgan Hobbs

    Cat: Nina
    Dog: Ace
    Lizard1: Spike
    Lizard2: Gunner

    LN: Walters

    DH: Joel Harrison Walters
    DW: Hope Cassidy Walters

    DD: Jocelyn Simone Walters
    DS: Roman Zachary Walters
    DD/DS/DS: Jordyn Chanel Walters, Micah Emerson Walters & Logan Zane Walters

    Dog: Emmett
    Cat: Rosalie
    Bird: Sadie
    Isaac + Alice + Alvin
    auntie to Milia, Colin & Lovelia

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