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    Jacoby pronounciation?

    I pronounce it like JACK-A-BEE but I started wondering if maybe I'm pronouncing it wrong and it should sound like JA-COBE-EE?
    I really like the sound of the name though. Thoughts?

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    I thought it was juh-co-bee. That's how I'd pronounce it anyways.

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    I say juh-CO-bee

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    The lead singer of Papa Roach is Jacoby (it might be Jacobi but either way) and he pronounces his name jah-COH-bee

    It's how I've always said it too. I think it's handsome. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Jacoby Jones is the only one I've ever heard of, but I like it. I think you have to have a last name that really goes with it though (like Jones), otherwise it could be too cumbersome. And I pronounce it like everyone else -- juh-COE-bee.

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