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Thread: Help. Please.

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    Help. Please.

    My best friend and I have recently been discussing our favorite names. I have an excruciatingly long list, and she has one name, just ONE NAME. I was completely dumbfounded when she told me that!

    She enlisted me as her 'name expert' and I've been trying to help her come up with an armoire of baby names. Sadly, nothing I've thrown at her has taken her fancy! She is annoyingly picky and I'm at a loss of baby names to give her.

    So far she has approved: Brooklyn, Skylar, Ava, & Bailey.

    Note: She's only looking for girl names.

    She is in dire need of help. Please!!! The more suggestions the merrier!
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    My lists used to be very long, but by the time I actually found myself pregnant, I was down to maybe 3 or 4 stand-outs for each gender. Having a long list of beloved names would be great if I was dealing with a very picky dad, but since he's so cooperative, I'm actually very glad I have a short list so I'm not drowning in a sea of possibilities. Unless she's pregnant right now, I guess I don't see the problem with just having one favorite name.

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    I sometimes WISH I had just one certain name! I almost envy those that do! My best friend is the same way, except her favorite names are too popular and somewhat cringe worthy for my tastes, though, I think she probably thinks the latter about mine as well!!!
    Sounds like she likes trendy, popular names, I'd suggest checking the top 100/200 for suggestions for her.

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    I used to have one name. It love everything about it - including it's lack of popularity. Then it started becoming more popular and it broke my heart. The name for my imaginary little girl just didn't suit anymore. But honestly, unless your friend is pregnant I don't really see it being an issue.

    Though suggestions: Ainslie, Briar, Isla, Lennox, Aubrey, Zoey
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    Is there a reason you have 3 threads asking the same question?

    Anyway, name ideas:
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