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    Godfrey - timeless classic or playground bully magnet?

    My baby is due in February and if it is a boy my husband and I both LOVE Godfrey after my great uncle, a missionary priest who died in India aged 29. It's classic, timeless, unusual nowadays but widely recognised as a name and everyone can spell and pronounce it, right?


    Will he just hate me for not calling him Alexander like every other kid in school? Opinions please!

    PS big sister is Agnes Eilish Madeline
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    I really like it, but I really adore those old names like that. I don't think you'll have trouble with people not spelling or pronouncing it correctly, it's uncommon but not an unheard of name.

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    I don't think it's a timeless classic exactly, but it's an amazing name. I like it very much.
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    I think it's beautiful with a wonderful meaning and great personal resonance for you, but you need to go into it eyes open that the first syllable 'God' WILL cause some social problems for your son in adolescence.

    Would you be interested in a variant that doesn't contain the English word 'god?'

    Siothrun / Seathra (SHAY-tra)
    Goffredo / Fredo

    I think Geoffrey or the French Geoffroy would be lovely.
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    I think Godfrey is one of the coolest names ever, and I especially like the significance to you. Godfrey was actually on my list for a while as a middle name option. Godfrey would be awesome as a middle name, but most guys won't be able to pull it off as a first name.

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