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    My mother thinks Kayla/Kaila/Keila is "Old Country" and too 19th C. I had a dear great-great-aunt who loved beauty and fashion who mourned how old-fashioned and unpopular her name was - it was Bella. I'm still sad Aunt Bella never saw her name resurge.

    Most people I know find these terrible but I suspect Nameberry could forgive me: Jane, Ivy, Raquel, Hazel, Penelope, Elspeth, Rosemary, Judith, Beatrice, Ramona, Rowena, Lillian, Dinah. Evangeline I wouldn't really use but is in this category.

    Nameberry considers these outdated (the people I know IRL would be okay with them): Megan, Caitlin, Amy, Jen/Gen, Tegan, Sabrina. Christine I wouldn't really use but is in this category.

    Then there are the old names I like that NO ONE likes: Enid, Rosamund, Eartha, Iola, Kezia, Tamar.

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