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    I like Christine/Christina and Lisa,which unfortunately seem like mom names now. I also think Melody is so pretty,despite the fact that berries seem to consider it very dated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shannoncancer711 View Post
    I don't think I would use a dated name, there are so many great modern names.
    So many of today's commonly-used names were yesterday's old lady names. Aside from newly invented names, it's hard for me to see any as particularly modern. It's more like the dated names are ones that were very popular at a particular time, like Jennifer, Kelly and Megan in my day and then everything else falls into the "not dated" category, including names that have been consistently used, ones that recently came into style and ones so far out of date as to be new again.

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    I love:

    Rachel (by far my favorite dated name! It's on my top 5 regardless, I would love to have a little Rachel one day!)
    Agnes (although I think this is slowly coming back in)
    Sarah (although I don't really see this as dated--it's still in the top 50, I believe. But it's the same with Rachel--in my state it made a huge leap in the past year and is twice as popular in my state as it is nationally)

    I also love Hazel and Olive, a lot of the people I mention them to in the real world find them "really old fashioned". I even had a customer through work whose name was Hazel, she couldn't believe that Hazel was fashionable again. So among the non-Berries, I would include names like Hazel, Olive, Violet, and Adeline...
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    I know a 6 month old Rachel and a 2 year old Violet.

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    The whole "dated" thing doesn't really bother me. My mother dies laughing over babies named Sophie or Sophia because it was her grandmother's name, she thinks THAT's "dated." I like


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