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Thread: Eponine?

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    Smile Eponine?

    Just curious, because I've recently read Les Mis, and love the musical and super pumped for the movie coming out SUPER soon, would you name your daughter Eponine? What are your thoughts on the name? I am NOT having a baby, nor planning to. Just wondering.
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    Eponine has a lovely name and is my favorite Les Mis character but I see Cosette as more usable, especially since she doesn't die. Only 2 weeks till the premiere!

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    I really love the book. Eponine is a gorgous name, my favourite character. It's definitely useable I think. Fantine is pretty too.
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    I wouldn't use it, it sounds like a type of vaccine or medication imo

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    I really like the idea of it, the way I say it in my head sounds pretty, (have no experience with the story myself so no comments there) I would say to be prepared for it to become slightly more popular (not massively in any way, since it's so unique) after the movie release.

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