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    I like Dorothea/Dorothy/Theodora to honor Doris.
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    My best friend just went thru this with her new baby girl! Her grandmothers name is Doris, and she desperately wanted to honor her, but hated the name itself.

    She went thru sooo many names, but ended up going with Dori-Snow.

    She has the Doris sound in it, and Dori, but definitely made it modern by adding Snow.

    She goes by Snow, and she couldn`t be cuter!
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    I would rather my name be Doris than Dorothy which to me has the same qualities as Doris. Neither Dorothy nor Doris sounds particularly fresh or modern.
    I do like Theodore for a boy. I think it could still honor grandma Doris.
    I like the sea Nymph idea. I also like any of the names associated with the sea. Marina, Maris, Marie, Oceane, etc.

    Maybe your grandma had a hobby or a interest you could honor. If she liked cats, Catalina. If she liked roses, Rose. If she had a movie she liked, a character in that movie.

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    Dorothy (I like the nn Dot)
    Apparently in Greek mythology Doris was a sea nymph, so any name having to do with the ocean could work.
    What about Ianthe, Mira, Kai, Marisol, Niamh, Morgan, or Meredith? All of these names have meanings or histories that deal with the ocean.

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